Walter Forbes

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Just for Fun

Considering my medical adventures of 2012 and the first six months of 2013 I was pretty sure that BullBat Time (which we recorded when I was able to somewhat control my breathing in October of 2013) would be my last recording. Thanks to a modern medical miracle, the treatment of cardiac disease with stem cells, I able to record one more album.

In October of 2015 Bob Clement was helping me with some copyrights. I was headed to Nashville to see him when he said ”I want you to see my studio and bring your banjo”.I loved the studio and working with Bob as the producer was a joy so fifty or so studio hours later we had recorded thirty-six songs. We had no specific plan for an album, we were having fun and just recorded whatever songs came to mind. What a great way to record an album! “Just for Fun” contains fourteen of the thirty-six songs. With the exception of four songs where Bob added some very light accompaniment it’s just me, my banjo and vocal harmonies. My wife Kitty, our old friend Marshall Chapman, Bob’s daughter Emily, Bob and I sang the harmonies. Purely extemporaneous and “Just for Fun”!